Paper flower magic

As I’ve committed to paint and draw several sessions per week, I found that I really wanted to work on botanical pieces. Downside? Flowers don’t last a long time. And my cats eat them. So I thought I would make my own floral still life models.

A few Pinterest searches later… I found that there are sooo many cool options for making paper flowers! I found a lot of great tutorials by Lia Griffith, and purchased a crepe paper bundle. I started out by making a few simple flowers to get the hang of it. I did some studies in oil paint using those flowers, pretty cool. (Oh yes, I haven’t used oil paints in oh… 20 years. So a little rusty. But I LOVE IT!!!)

Then, as I wanted to make a few flowers as gifts for coworkers, I was inspired by this peony tutorial that I found on designsponge by paper flower artist Kate Alarcon. I loved making these flowers!!! And though I made a few changes due to the materials I had, they still rock! I am so into this paper flower thing, I can’t wait to make the next one. I want to fill my art space with flowers and paintings oh my!

I just love how you can stretch and form the crepe paper into petals. And the slight translucence of the material is so pretty. I’m definitely inspired here!

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