Polyphemus Moth – Watercolor Painting


I started this painting of a polyphemus moth back in 2012, using gouache on aquabord. I didn’t like the effect of gouache on the board though, and after working on it for awhile got frustrated and washed all the paint off. I kept the board around, thinking I could paint over it or make some other experiment with it. Five years later… I decided to sit down and try painting in regular watercolor over the gouache “ghost”.  I got to sit on the patio and paint, it was fun! I forgot how awesomely portable watercolor is. I also like using the aquabord, it works with my detailed and layered style of painting. I’ll be doing some more of these 🙂

Purple Paper Clematis Flowers

I saw a photo online of a delicate six petal flower with these amazing long stamens with dark purple tips. Right away I thought “I have to try making that.”  So over the weekend, that’s what I did! After a few test runs of the stamen, I think it looks pretty good. Of course at the time, I didn’t think to look at what kind of flower I was making. So I had to go back and research… turns out it is a clematis! It is a flowering vine, with a huge variety of colors and weird extravagant stamens. I will make more of these for sure. I also need to work in the vine part of this plant, I think it would look cool to have some climbing up the shelves in my studio.

Painted Daisy

Had some fun with painting the petals on this daisy. I used white gouache on extra fine purple crepe, painting before I cut the petals out. I also tried rolling long strips of fringe in a tight spiral to make the center of the flower. I like it!

Crepe Paper Anemone Flowers

Anemone flowers that I’ve been working on this week. Super fun to make… I watched this tutorial by Lia Griffith and then winged it on making my own templates. I’m really happy with how they turned out! They are a little bigger than I had originally thought, I was planning to make some to go with the ranunclulus flowers from last week (still in progress, but I’m excited to finish those up too) but I’ll have to make some scaled down for that specific project.