Polyphemus Moth – Watercolor Painting


I started this painting of a polyphemus moth back in 2012, using gouache on aquabord. I didn’t like the effect of gouache on the board though, and after working on it for awhile got frustrated and washed all the paint off. I kept the board around, thinking I could paint over it or make some other experiment with it. Five years later… I decided to sit down and try painting in regular watercolor over the gouache “ghost”.  I got to sit on the patio and paint, it was fun! I forgot how awesomely portable watercolor is. I also like using the aquabord, it works with my detailed and layered style of painting. I’ll be doing some more of these 🙂

Getting back to a regular art practice

To all those out there taking those first few steps to get back into a regular art practice (including myself)…

You can do it! I know you have it in you… talented, smart, capable in every way…

Nervous? YEP! It’s a blank canvas! A sheet of paper! SO intimidating!

Seriously, how can it be scary to just pick up a paintbrush and start making marks?

You would think that I haven’t done this before. That I had not experienced the elation of making something amazing appear on the surface in front of me. No, no, no… that is not the case here. I’ve always been an artist. It’s something near and dear to my heart, something I have invested time, money, blood, sweat, and tears. It’s been my main mode of expression. My pride and joy. But the past few years… I’ve been struggling. It’s like losing your way in your own backyard.

This follows a time in my recent past of raw emotion, breakup and start-over, picking up the pieces and figuring out who I am. A time of major self reflection and rebuilding. Honestly, now I feel great about myself, about life, but getting art out of my head and into the world is a HUGE task of enormous proportion. Or… is it deceptively easy? Just a matter of making that first mark?

I set out to make time each and every week for creative expression.

Do the work! I say. Let it be free! WOOHOOO!

Don’t think too much and see what happens. OK?

I’m curious, is anyone else currently feeling this way? Or if you have in the past, what did you do to get going again?