Purple Paper Clematis Flowers

I saw a photo online of a delicate six petal flower with these amazing long stamens with dark purple tips. Right away I thought “I have to try making that.”  So over the weekend, that’s what I did! After a few test runs of the stamen, I think it looks pretty good. Of course at the time, I didn’t think to look at what kind of flower I was making. So I had to go back and research… turns out it is a clematis! It is a flowering vine, with a huge variety of colors and weird extravagant stamens. I will make more of these for sure. I also need to work in the vine part of this plant, I think it would look cool to have some climbing up the shelves in my studio.

Painted Daisy

Had some fun with painting the petals on this daisy. I used white gouache on extra fine purple crepe, painting before I cut the petals out. I also tried rolling long strips of fringe in a tight spiral to make the center of the flower. I like it!